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4 Ways You Can Be Charged With A Drug Crime

Being charged with a drug crime can be a harrowing experience. It can be humiliating and difficult to handle, and it can potentially land you multiple years in jail. This is not to say that all drug crimes are considered equal in the eyes of the law. Some drug crimes are considered more heinous, while others are barely considered a crime at all. There are numerous ways you can be charged for a drug crime. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about 4 specific ways that you can be charged for a drug crime: manufacturing, distributing, purchasing and possessing.


Manufacturing of any narcotics, whether considered legal or illegal, without a license is strictly banned by the state. Generally speaking, most people tend to associate manufacturing with growing marijuana or synthesizing methamphetamine, but in the case where any narcotic is being manufactured by someone, they can be charged with the crime. If you are involved with any aspect of the manufacturing of a narcotic, you can be charged with manufacturing. Involvement can take the place of being a cook for methamphetamine or a grower of marijuana. Even a person who acts as a "gopher" for supplies can be charged with manufacturing.


Distributing goods can also be cause for being charged with a drug crime. As it stands, if you are selling or distributing any controlled substances, you can be charged with distributing. In addition to this, if you sell goods that can be used in the manufacturing of any controlled narcotic substance and there is no doubt that you had reasonable suspicion to believe that the buyer was going to use said goods in the manufacturing or to aid in the manufacturing of a controlled narcotic substance, then you too can be charged with distributing. If you are a vendor and if there is any doubt in your mind that a person will not be using a substance for a reason other than the manufacturing of a narcotic, err on the side of caution and do not sell the product.


Likewise, the purchase of any controlled substance without a prescription, or the wholesale purchase of any completely controlled substance, is also illegal. Although purchasing is often times considered a minor infraction in the world of drug charges, it can have some serious legal ramifications. While often just a fine will be levied against the person purchasing the drugs, repeat offenders have found that they can experience a bit of jail time to go with the amount of money they have lost on fines and purchasing controlled narcotic substances. Likewise, purchasing substances with the intent to manufacture a controlled substance is also illegal.


Possession of a controlled substance is perhaps the least radical charge that you can receive on this list as there is no changing of hands or the potential to change hands involved in this charge. Having said this, there are some states that find possession to be a very serious charge and you could face severe jail time. In many states, possession is enough to charge you with intent to manufacture, especially if they are key components in synthesizing methamphetamine. If you possess a great quantity of a narcotic on your person, you can also be charged with intent to distribute, which can ultimately lead to a harsher sentencing.

When it comes to drug charges, the above listed are 4 of the most common charges for which one can be sentenced. When it comes down to it, play it safe and do not carry controlled substances on your person. If you have happened to make a mistake and are awaiting trial, contact a drug attorney to help you with your case. You can also click for more information on how an attorney can assist you.