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Do You Plan To File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? Work With An Attorney To Avoid The Following Mistakes

A successful bankruptcy application starts with choosing the right chapter for your situation. For example, if you feel you might lose your assets to your creditors, filing for a chapter 13 bankruptcy might be ideal. Under this plan, you will spend only a small fraction of your money to pay back your debts. It is one of the most recommendable options, but it is also pretty complicated. For this reason, you need to work with a legal advisor during the application. A lawyer protects you from the following errors.

Waiting Until It's Too Late Before Filing

The process of filing for bankruptcy takes time. Therefore, you should not wait too long before rendering your application. Delays can allow your creditors to recover their debts through a court order, which could bring about a deeper financial turmoil. Therefore, it's advisable to hire a lawyer and file for bankruptcy immediately before your debts get out of hand.

Also, it's time to file for insolvency when your creditors issue threats to take legal action against you. However, if you want to file insolvency due to skyrocketing medical expenses, your attorney might recommend that you wait for a longer period. That way, you'll ensure that your new debts are covered in the filing. 

Failing to Make Your Payments in Time

Filing for chapter 13 is supposed to give you a reprieve from your financial situation. Therefore, you should avoid errors that can threaten to return you to the previous mess. For example, you should never fail to make your payments in time after the court ruling. Failure to pay the agreed amount can prompt your creditors to take a harsher debt recovery approach.

Withholding Information from Your Attorney

Working as a team with your legal advisor can significantly boost your chances of succeeding in the application. Therefore, you have to provide them with all the information they ask for. That includes sharing any issues you feel may affect your financial status in the future. Providing information candidly enables your lawyer to offer your relevant advice. On the contrary, withholding vital information does not only make things hard for your lawyer but could also earn you a hefty punishment by the court. 

As you can see, filing for chapter 13 might not deliver your desired results if you don't work with a legal representative. Therefore, it would be best to consider hiring a chapter 13 bankruptcy service such as Ozment Law PA to help you prepare and file your claim.