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Why You Should Turn To A Bail Bonds Firm If You Are Facing Spousal Abuse Charges

Domestic violence is ugly, but there are also two sides to every story. If you were recently booked on spousal abuse charges and are now looking to post domestic violence bail, your options might be somewhat limited. In this situation, it might be best to contact a local bail bonds company as opposed to a family member or friend if you want to get out of jail ahead of your court date. Here's why going with a bail bond professional in this situation is the smart move.

Bail Bond Professionals Will Not Judge You

Getting booked on any kind of domestic violence charges may make you feel uneasy about contacting family or friends to help you get out of jail. Even if the family member you contact had nothing to do with the dispute, they may have some divided loyalties because they likely also know the person who is the alleged victim in your case. If you don't want to be judged before your court case even begins, a bail bond professional can help. Your domestic violence bail will be taken care of, and you'll be able to plan your defense on your own terms while outside of the jail cell.

Bail Bond Professionals Will Respond Even If Your Family or Friends Do Not

Perhaps you don't care about what people think but are having difficulty getting family or friends to respond. A bail bond company is typically available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and sometimes even on holidays. Whether it's late at night or you've just discovered that no one wants to talk to you regardless of what time it is, a bail bond professional will still have your back and help you move forward with the bail process.

You Might Not Legally Be Able to Contact Your Spouse or Other Close Family Members Anyway

In some cases following a domestic violence dispute that results in spousal abuse or other charges, a local bail bond company might be your only option. Your spouse might get an emergency restraining order on you that could extend to other family members like your children. If you don't have other relatives nearby, you might be at a loss for who to call. But a bail bondsman can help out and then you can work on finding a lawyer once you are actually out of the jail to ensure you'll continue to have someone on your side.

For more information on bail bonds for spousal abuse, contact a company like Bail Busters.