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Getting Educated About Your DUI

Those arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) face numerous forms of punishment. Just being arrested can bring about the loss of driving privileges before you are even convicted. The goal of some measures is punitive in nature. You might, for example, be ordered to pay a fine and go to jail for a certain period of time. Increasingly, however, some are ordered to take part in educational actions with the hope of prevention and intervention. To find out more about the educational component of DUI punishment, read on.

Educational Resources Can Be Beneficial

In some cases, sentencing for a DUI is positively affected by the offer of a class instead of incarceration or other punishment. If you are a first-time DUI offender, you have a good chance of being ordered to participate in educational training. Simple, non-aggravated DUI arrests are also looked upon more favorably than those with enhancements. Aggravated DUI cases often involve:

  • Fleeing the scene
  • Resisting arrest
  • Accidents
  • Higher blood alcohol results
  • Repeat offender

Assessing the Potential for Educational Intervention

Not all of those arrested for DUI are addicted to alcohol. Some DUI offenders make one very bad decision and being arrested is enough to deter them from further use in connection with driving. In some cases, the judge may order a defendant to undergo an assessment to ascertain the potential for education, drug and alcohol counseling, and rehabilitation measures. An assessment is often performed as part of the pretrial process and the information goes toward any offers of a plea bargain and to determine the sentencing. If a defendant is determined to be suffering from alcohol addiction as a result of the assessment, they may be ordered to take classes and some can be ordered to various levels of rehabilitation therapy.

Education to Prevent More Problems

In addition to any addiction counseling, educational classes may be needed. These classes use several techniques to teach defendants about the dangers of using alcohol and then getting behind the wheel. Some people are unaware of the way their reflexes are affected by alcohol use, for example. These classes usually involve videos and class participation to teach offenders about the consequences of a DUI. Victim impact has become part of DUI sentencing and some classes involve speakers who have had their lives permanently affected by the actions of a drunk driver.

Being able to participate in these educational and rehabilitation options are not available to all. Speak to your DUI attorneys to find out more.