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Hello everyone! I'm Gael Phillips. It is nice to meet you. I'm here to talk to you about criminal laws, court proceedings and legal repercussions. I feel that sharing this knowledge is important, as many people do not realize how the legal process works. My first, and only, scrape with the law left me shaken. I did not know what to expect throughout the entire case, so I felt unprepared for the outcome. I hope to share my knowledge with people who are in need of support throughout the legal process. I will also post stories full of information about past legal cases for an idea about how the law works. The legal process doesn't need to be scary and mysterious. Sharing stories can give others the insight they need about their situation. Thanks for visiting, come back often!

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Understanding The Importance Of Creating A Living Will

When some people think about a will, they instantly picture a document which outlines how they want to divide up their assets after they are deceased. Although this is definitely one type of will, there is another version that might be even more important: The living will. A living will includes an advanced directive which details how you want your finances and health to be handled in case you become incapacitated while still alive. After learning how vital it is for you to have a living will, you'll begin to see why you should create one right away.

Put Your Medical Wishes In Writing

Everyone has their own beliefs concerning how they choose to respond in any given situation. What might work well for someone else could be completely against your personal desires. If you don't have a living will and are involved in an accident or fall ill with no warning, you could end up in circumstances that don't line up with what you want.

For example, do you want to be revived if you are in a serious car accident and have to be pried from the car because you are in a coma? There are individuals out there who would want to be kept on life support indefinitely or who want to be brought back to consciousness no matter what it takes. However, other people don't see things from the same perspective. If doctors have already warned that the physical damage is so severe that walking, working, or living life as usual is completely out of the question, these same people would choose to pass on peacefully.

Use The Living Will To Decide Your Own Fate

Creating a living will is a bit like deciding your own fate. What if the time comes when you are no longer coherent or dementia has set in? Do you trust yourself or those around you enough to leave your fate to chance? Or, are you more interested in setting things up ahead of time so everyone will know how to respond?

You can designate an executor who will make sure that your wishes are honored. If you want to be even more secure, you should also put a backup person in place to act as the executor in case something happens to the primary caretaker.

Making a living will is about doing what is in your best interest while you still have the presence of mind. Talk with a lawyer like one at Wright Law Offices, PLLC, and let them help you get yours set up immediately.