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How To Defend Yourself Against A Traffic Ticket

If you've been presented with a traffic ticket, you're likely thinking about ways you might be able to refute it. The offense in question will dictate what defense a ticket lawyer would prefer to use. Here are four examples of potential defenses a traffic ticket lawyer might present.

Blocked Signage

The government has a responsibility to ensure that stop signs, speed limit postings and other indicators are placed in spots that are clearly visible to motorists. If signs have been overgrown by foliage, damages by vandals, or weather or worn down over time, there's an argument that a driver may have missed them entirely or not understood their meaning. When you're sure this is the case, take pictures of the sign as soon as possible and provide these to your traffic ticket lawyer.

Confusing Signage

Another obligation of the government is to ensure that combinations of signs along a roadway make sense and don't conflict with each other. For example, a stretch of highway where the speed limit constantly shifts between 35 and 45 mph can create confusion for drivers about what speed they should be going at any given time. This is especially the case in heavy traffic, where signs may be blocked by large vehicles. A traffic case is legally a criminal proceeding, and the state is required to prove its case beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Speeding Was the Safest Option

There are instances where speeding up is the best way to avoid an accident. For example, if you're in a fast-moving live of traffic and the lane is ending, putting on your brakes might cause a pileup. It may be wiser to speed up and get ahead of a slower car in the next lane. A similar problem can also occur when all the traffic on the highway is speeding.

Going Fast Was Justifiable

This is the classic case that half the world's TV sitcoms have used as a plot device at some point. A character goes into labor, and their partner, neighbor, or friend needs to get them to the hospital in time to have the baby. As they're driving, they're pulled over.

On TV, the cop takes it easy on the driver and provides an escort to the hospital. In the real world, the police officer may not be so forgiving. Evidence presented after the fact, such as a hospital admission, can clear you, though.

If you would like to learn more, contact a traffic ticket lawyer in your area today.