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Hello everyone! I'm Gael Phillips. It is nice to meet you. I'm here to talk to you about criminal laws, court proceedings and legal repercussions. I feel that sharing this knowledge is important, as many people do not realize how the legal process works. My first, and only, scrape with the law left me shaken. I did not know what to expect throughout the entire case, so I felt unprepared for the outcome. I hope to share my knowledge with people who are in need of support throughout the legal process. I will also post stories full of information about past legal cases for an idea about how the law works. The legal process doesn't need to be scary and mysterious. Sharing stories can give others the insight they need about their situation. Thanks for visiting, come back often!

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Is An Annulment Better Than Divorce? What You Need To Know

Ending a marriage is not what most people envision for the future, but it, unfortunately, happens regularly. Most marriages that end typically end in a divorce. However, there may be instances in which you want to avoid a divorce. You can seek an annulment as an alternative, but there are some strict stipulations necessary in order for it to be granted.

An annulment is not going to work for all situations. Many people prefer an annulment to a divorce for a variety of reasons, whether it be religious or otherwise. If you are interested in the possibility of an annulment over divorce, you will need to find out if you are allowed to have one in the eyes of the law. The following are some things you may want to know about annulments:

When is An Annulment Allowed?

There are some very specific criteria that are required before you are allowed to have an annulment. Only a few valid reasons will be enough to warrant an annulment.

The concealment of significant information from one spouse to the other is one reason annulments are granted. This can range from anything like drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, or sexual orientation.

Fraud is another valid reason for getting an annulment. Fraud must be a major source of contention between a couple that renders the marriage invalid. An example can be something like the lack of desire for or the inability to have children.

If one of the partners in the marriage is impotent and the other partner did not know until after the marriage took place, that partner can seek an annulment. This is especially likely if the impotence cannot be cured.

An annulment can also take place if there was lack of consent for the marriage to take place. This is typical when one or both people are not mentally sound enough to consent to the marriage or if one person in the party was coerced. This is often the reason for weddings that take place in an intoxicated state.

When Should You Seek an Annulment?

If you hope to get an annulment, it is important to do so as soon as possible after the marriage takes place. Waiting too long will result in the need for a divorce, which can be a disadvantage if you are trying to avoid one.

Before you finalize your divorce, think about if an annulment is ideal for you. There are some definite pros and cons to both situations. You will need to discuss your legal needs with your attorney to see if you can get an annulment. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.